NFP provides a healthy, holistic approach to a woman's fertility and family planning. Because it is completely organic, there are no side effects on either a woman's body or that of her unborn baby, if pregnancy should occur. 

Even if the woman or her unborn child escape the above risks, these chemicals are hazardous for the environment. There is a slew of documented cases of male fish and amphibians becoming feminized and growing both male and female reproductive organs as a direct result of masses of estrogen being excreted into water systems by women taking hormonal birth control. These wildlife often produce eggs in their testes and are thus unable to reproduce, endangering the entire species. Additionally, barrier methods (such as condoms) are not biodegradable, and are actually less effective at preventing pregnancy than the NFP methods mentioned on this site.  In addition, NFP is completely natural and green

A final note about each of these methods:  most cause lack of libido (decreased sex drive) and/or lack of pleasurable sensations during sex. Because NFP is completely natural, there is no barrier causing lack of sensation or artificial hormones affecting libido. In fact, many couples who switch to NFP from another method report higher levels of pleasure during sex.

In the end, Natural Family Planning allow couples to safely and effectively avoid pregnancy without a host of frightening, and sometimes fatal, environmental and health risks. 



By Jana Coffman 

All types of artificial birth control pose some sort of risk to a woman's health.  This is why the Catholic Church is dedicated to ensuring that all women are armed with life-saving information to protect their health and dignity.

Below are some common types of artificial birth control and their potential risks. 

The Risks of Birth Control 

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Natural Family Planning:

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