Why NFP? 

Scientists have developed effective methods of natural family planning in recent years. This website provides access to the most current listing of certified instructors in the state of Alabama and online resources so that couples can educate themselves in order to steward the gift of their fertility and health, enhance their self-awareness, and improve their communication regarding mutual fertility and family planning goals.

It is important to be prepared with accurate NFP information for meeting with health care providers who will be documenting the woman's family planning choice.  Many couples do not have access to accurate information about effective methods of natural family planning. We are grateful to the Catholic Church for inspiring this area of research.

The NFP methods described on this site provide the best means for understanding and stewarding the precious gift of fertility and new life, and are all in accordance with the Catholic Church's teaching on the sanctity of and openness to life. 

Empowering women.

Empowering families.

Natural Family Planning:

Effective, safe, and yes, natural!.